La recette de Marius

Low Roasted Chicken and fresh pasta

Low Roasted Chicken and fresh pasta

Preparation time: 20mn
Cooking time: 45mn

Serves 6

600g fresh pasta (tagliatelle)
12 pieces of chicken (tighs or drumsticks)
2 onions and 2 garlic cloves
1 bouquet garni (2 sprigs of thyme and 1 bay leaf)
250g white mushrooms
150g bacon
100g of green olives
¼ peeled tomatoes can
1 tbsp tomato paste
5cl cognac and 2 tbsp olive oil
salt, coarse salt, Espelette pepper, 1 sprig of basil

Peel onions, garlic, mushrooms. Chop garlic and onions. Cut mushrooms in half ou ¼ if needed.

In a casserole, sauté chicken pieces until golden browned in 1 tbsp. oil. Set aside chicken. Remove grease from the casserole.

In the same pan, fry the bacon and onions, add chicken and flambé with cognac. Add mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, garlic, herbs. Salt and pepper with the Espelette pepper.

Top up with 50cl of water, bring to a boil cover and simmer 45 minutes at low heat.

Just before serving, bring to a boil 6 liters of water with 42g coarse salt. Cook pasta 3 minutes, drain, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

To pair with Marius rosé.

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